Sigit Adinugroho

Designer/father/husband. Currently at Shopify, based in Singapore, trying to make commerce better for merchants in Asia Pacific. Previously, I worked for Expedia Group, DBS Bank, Bukalapak and Oracle.

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Apologies for the inconveniences while I work on my Work and Blog pages. If you require portfolio reviews, please contact me.

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Apparently, the byline above is something that people expect when they land on a designer's website. A list of professional credentials. However, as I grow older, I find more value in saying things that I like. Travel, photography and family define me more than any other things. Coffee makes me happy. Food, particularly Indonesian food, makes me the happiest. I'd like to go back to Japan and spend months there. I loved Istanbul, and want to return to explore more of the country. I love road trips, especially in Australia.

If there is one value I hold the most in my professional life: it's genuineness, vulnerability and seeking for meaning. Many professionals just strive to be the best of their self for the work, but not for themselves. I don't like work that takes an individual's true self away.

I love writing, it's somehow my only refuge. It's probably the only way for me to structure and present my thoughts without fear of judgment or being overpowered by others. It's also a good way for designers to explore problems and possibilities.

Lately, I discover that the more you know, the more you lose interest in more things, but the more you build interest in a few particular things.

But, what about portfolios?

I am still working on it! However, if you must, reviews are now only by request.

However, if you really, really must... go to the previous version of this website, but do so at your own risk!

Personal projects

Design 1:1: Podcast interviewing Indonesian designers on crafts, career, and people management.

Unlearn UX: Blog about designing products that help make lives better for all.